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Less weight – more adventure

Today's alpinism is characterized by performance and lightness. Weight is a decisive factor in mountain sports. Anyone who is lighter out in the mountains can achieve more, see more, experience more – in short: have more ADVENTURE.

With this in mind, the two Mammut athletes Caro North and Steph Davis set out to test the lightest products from the new Eiger Extreme Summer 2018 collection. And not just in any location, their test ground was one of the most renowned routes on the world-famous Eiger: the Mittellegi Ridge. The extremely narrow ridge as well as the spectacular view of Grindelwald make this route a unique classic across the entire alpine region and an ideal test environment. So it’s hardly surprising that this route is one of Caro North's absolute favorites and she was keen to show it to her American climbing colleague Steph Davis.

The day dawned in the late summer of 2017: Caro and Steph set out together to scale the Mittellegi ridge to the summit of the Eiger, equipped with the new Eiger Extreme Summer 2018 collection. 


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